We’re unique!

Posted by  Andrew Rixon —December 1, 2005
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Dna-moleculeIt’s always great to find out you’re unique. Often I find out that I’m unique in ways that, maybe, I’m not sure I want to be. For instance, my wife often tells me that my short cuts are really long cuts and that only I could come up with a particular way of getting from A to B…. She often tells me I don’t really hear what she’s saying, and well.. I think there is a book about this.

But, I digress…. We’re unique…Yes…Management Consulting companies that are blogging are rare. Apparently. Steven Shu has even given some thought into why. Kinda interesting…

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One Response to “We’re unique!”

  1. Matt Moore Says:

    Largely true of professional services firms in general (e.g. Lawyers, accountants).
    Which on the one hand is odd – i.e. professional service organisations sell their ideas and expertise.
    And on the other hand, not odd at all:
    1. In a billable hours culture, it is seen as a waste of time.
    2. There are general fears around confidentiality and legal reprecussions.
    3. Many people in these firms are terrible writers and know it.

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