Using social networks analysis to show impact

Posted by  Andrew Rixon —October 7, 2005
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Some time back Chris Corrigan mentioned in his blog how social network mapping could help inform the invitation list for an Open Space event.

I have also found that using social network mapping in conjunction with an Open Space event can be a great way to demonstrate change and create new stories within an organisation. The figures below show the change in social networks from a recent Open Space event.

Before Open Space                                                          









After Open Space


Interestingly, as discussed in my whitepaper “Does your strategic planning make a difference?” the social network map examples that were handed out post Open Space to the sponsor have found themselves moving throughout the organisation, at many levels, stimulating new and interesting stories about where the organisation is heading in the future….

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  1. Fantastic stuff Andrew! Lot’s to think about here, but the basic research is great.

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