Finding good blogs is a social phenomena

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —April 20, 2005
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Finding good blogs is difficult. It is much like finding new friends when you move to a new city: it takes time and effort. Today I had a look at to see who else was bookmarking my website and then I checked out what else they were bookmarking. Hey presto—I found some interesting new blogs. Here is one called consulting commons—great place to share ideas and tools if you are consulting. Notice it’s labelled ‘beta’. I’m wondering whether they are using the Google tactic of labelling everything beta to give you freedom to try things out at a moments notice—it works for Google so why not.


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2 Responses to “Finding good blogs is a social phenomena”

  1. marnie webb Says:

    Nope. We’re not in Google beta. We’re in real beta. We’ve never had the site on a development server; it’s always been discoverable.
    A little more than a blog — you can edit pages and articles as well and upload files.
    The beta part has, in large part, to do with taxonomy. We opened up the taxonomy (which you can see in the site navigation on the right) to any user. Don’t find a word that describes your contribution? Add it. There’s a lot to figure out about normalizing that. We hope to be out of beta in three months.
    And thanks for the pointer!

  2. Zac Mutrux Says:

    Thanks for the mention of ConsultantCommons. My colleague Marnie Webb offers her explanation of why we call it a “beta” on her blog, Ext. 337.

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