Impressive palindromes

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —March 18, 2007
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Check out the original Bob Dylan version.

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  1. David Montgomery says:

    Dylan on palindromes exercise (DOPE?) – That’s a blast.
    Here’s something for your “Fun” section. I wrote this as a response to someone who was planning some kind or research into humour. It should be six, four line verses but this will not show up in the formatting:
    It is anything and everything
    Judged by attitude not platitude
    It surprises and disguises you
    Tis seldom accurate yet often true
    It awakens and shakens you
    Asks questions of your point of view
    Bids you be nonsensical
    Or wittily reprehensible
    Is susceptible to criticism
    And other cousins of the isms
    But is not prone to investigation
    Nor scientific mastication
    Since it is what it is isn’t
    Or is that isn’t what it is?
    So how can it be classified?
    Or stored within formaldehyde?
    Take your scalpel far away
    Be Sherlock on another day
    As humour is a source of joy
    Not another laboratory toy
    It helps dispel both ills and woes
    Keeps rusty brains upon their toes
    Let levity and laughter prevail
    And science on this day, please fail

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