4 business women show their business storytelling skills

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —September 5, 2014
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Last year I wrote a post called 9 Video Clips of Business Leaders Sharing Business Stories and it was brought to my attention that 8 of the 9 examples were men. Can we have more examples of business women showing their business storytelling skills?

So we hit Youtube and have these examples for you. Please let us know if you have any other favourites you would like to share by leaving a comment.

Meg Whitman – Chairman and CEO of HP

The clip I really wanted to show you (but they disabled embedding) was this one because it shows Meg Whitman in more of a business setting. But this one, clearly filmed by a fan, shows Meg’s comfortable storytelling style at a charity event as an aspiring politician. And as a leader your people want to know who you are and she does it so well with stories about her remarkable mum.

Ginni Rometty – Chairman and CEO of IBM

When Ginni became CEO of IBM in 2012 I had the audacity to write an open letter to her giving her some storytelling advice. I have no idea if she ever saw it but I have noticed that storytelling is a strong theme in her leadership style.

This clip is the very one I opened with in my original post from 2012. Just one story. Actually, I’ve heard a few women business leaders tell a version of this story. Most recently from Launa Inman (past CEO of Target and Billabong).

Sheryl Sandberg – COO of Facebook

Indra Nooyi – Chairperson and CEO of Pepsico

And one of the great business storytellers today, Indra Nooyi shows how you can take a personal experience and make a business point.

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