A business story – take responsibility

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —July 3, 2014
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Business stories don’t need to be fancy. They should be told just like you would tell it if you were catching up with a colleague informally. I would tell this one when chatting to senior leaders about how they can model the behaviour they want–in fact they must. Or it would be good as an example of bringing a organisational value to life with a story.

If you follow my Soundcloud account you will get to hear these types of business stories a week ahead of it arriving on our blog. Love to hear your feedback. When would you tell this story? What would be your point?

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One Response to “A business story – take responsibility”

  1. Tom Ware Says:

    Enjoyed this little story. It was compact, conversationally done, and adequately visual enough to have the listener feel they’re actually watching in happen.

    I would have described John Mars just a little more, though. Is he young? middle aged? quite elderly? e.g. “John Mars was sitting there in the audience, a middle-aged, grey haired man who looked decidedly…” whatever. Just that little bit extra to make him – the lead character in this story – just a little more ‘visual’ to the story’s listeners.

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