All Blacks and knitting yarns

Posted by  Kevin Bishop —September 23, 2011
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I love short stories that say so much.
Being a Kiwi, this is an incredibly exciting time for me with the Rugby World Cup currently underway in New Zealand. As part of keeping up to date with all the current news about the cup, the teams and the players, I came across this blog on the BBC website from British journalist, Ben Dir.
Ben spent some time in the small (population 750) Canterbury town of Southbridge with a gentlemen named Neville Carter. Now for those of you who aren’t aware of who Neville Carter is, he is the father for the current All Black Number 10, Dan Carter, one of the greatest players currently playing in world rugby.
Ben was trying to understand some more of where Dan Carter came from, what values helped shape him and what kind of person he really was by talking to his father, sister and people he grew up with. Neville Carter told this very short, and simple story that for me tells so much about Dan Carter and who he is as a person.
It was just after the devastating Christchurch earthquake of the 22nd of February, 2011;

“Daniel was staying with us for a few nights and he told us he had an appointment in town, but we found out he spent the day going round three retirement villages. He called in to see how they were, had a cup of coffee, found out how their knitting was going. We only knew about it because one of the old guys who used to play rugby out here rang me to say Daniel had just dropped in.
“Those old people had been through a horrific experience, so for an All Black to drop in and say g’day and have a yarn with them, it put a smile back on their faces. We’re probably more proud of the things he does behind the scenes than what he does on the rugby field.”

I just love the fact that very short, very simple stories can say so much.

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