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Posted by  Shawn Callahan —May 12, 2010
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Troy White has just posted a blog which I think is both very good because it encourages people who don’t think they are storytellers to have a go and practice, yet I feel doesn’t go far enough because there is a chance readers will not get to a story based on his list of triggers. Mind you I think Troy’s story prompters are a great place to start. I would like, however, to make some additions to each one to make doubly sure people tell a story rather than just express their opinion. My additions are in red.

  • Pet Peeves and when was the last time you felt peeved by them
  • Physical Characteristics (Uniqueness) and the times they helped or hindered
  • Core Beliefs and how they unfold in practice
  • Politics – when have you felt angry, let down or felt like giving them a standing ovation?
  • Birthplace – how did you end up being born there?
  • What Are You Pathological About? And where do they emerge? What happened last time?
  • Religion – has there ever been a time or moment where you were truly thankful for your beliefs?
  • Significant Childhood Events
  • Beliefs – have they ever got you in trouble?
  • Hobbies – when have you felt proudest of your hobbies?
  • Education – has your education made a big difference? What happened?
  • Skills – Have you ever had a moment when you were surprised by the skills you have or dismally lack?
  • Interests – What’s your most boring interest and when have you really bored someone with it?
  • Family – What are you most fond of about your family? What’s an example?
  • Talents – Has a talent ever really made a real difference? What happened?
  • Life Events You Remember Most
  • Adventures You Will Never Forget
  • Incompetence At? Share a time when you were a real klutz.
  • Anything You Are A Legend Of? When did your legendom shine?
  • Successes – What are the three most memorable successes you remember? Take us through what happened.
  • Likes – Tell us the last time one of your real likes jumped out and grabbed you?
  • Curiosities – What is the weirdest thing you have ever heard happening?
  • Failures – What’s your biggest stuff up?
  • Dislikes – Have you ever felt repulsed by a dislike? Tell us about it.
  • Are People Amazed By Anything You Do Or About You? If yes, what happened?
  • What Are You Ambitious About? What Fires You Up? When have you been really fired up? What got you going?
  • Self Disciplined About? When have you displayed a monk-like discipline.
  • People Are Envious Of You Because _______? When has someone been envious of you?
  • Do People Desire What You Have? When have people desired what you have?

To get to a story you need to get to a time and a place. When and where questions are good. Asking what happened works. Just asking for an example can work if you can get people to provide a detailed example. Troy’s prompters point us in the right direction for finding our own stories. My additions hopefully will increase the chances that a story will be told.

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  1. Mike Wagner says:

    Shawn, this is really great.
    I’ll put this out there on twitter; want to enlarge the reach of this post here in Iowa.
    And, I like that this is an improv kind of post.
    Troy started. You built on it. “yes/and” at work!
    Keep creating…and recreating,

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