We need to find ways for people to feel it

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —April 14, 2010
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Yesterday I ran a workshop for a group of executives on how to find bright spots in your organisation (groups of people who excel with the same resources as everyone else) and then work out ways to transfer the behaviour evident in these bright spots to other parts of their business. I tried to help them feel what this is like to transfer these bright spot behaviours by telling some stories. I think I was moderately successful. It was clear to me that many participants favoured the analyse-think-change approach while I was advocating see-feel-change (Kotter and Cohen make this distinction in The Heart of Change).

I wish I had some videos like these ones that really help you feel it. In this case they have a road safety message. In both cases they trigger a future story for us increasing the chance we will modify our behaviour. Which one of these two videos had the biggest impact for you?

Thanks to the Nudge blog for pointers to the videos.

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2 Responses to “We need to find ways for people to feel it”

  1. Marigo Raftopoulos Says:

    Great post Shawn.
    I read the opening paragraphs and said an emphatic, yes!
    I watched the videos, and the last one left me speechless.

  2. Jim Says:

    Yes, I too felt the most impact while watching the second video.

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