Someone has hacked my Skype account

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —July 14, 2008
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I have had two people now report bizarre messages that appear to be from me but I certainly didn’t send. So please let me know if I have skyped you with a comment which seems out of character and I will report it to Skype.

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  1. Nimish says:

    I had this happen to me about 2 months ago – and it seemed like most of the people who were sent messages were girls! Luckily they realized something was fishy when the tone went “personal”, but it was quite embarrassing to me. I quickly changed my Skype password and that was the end of it, but I soon got another password reminder email from Skype – which indicated the perpetrator had also tried to go online and reset my password.

  2. Phew! What a relief to find out that message didn’t come from you Shawn. I won’t mind you sitting next to me on July 23 now.

  3. melanie says:

    Someone has hijacked my skype account called all over the middle east and used my skype credits and continues to try and charge my credit card on file for more credits. I have written skype 6 times in the last 4 days and noone is responding. This hijacker also hijacked my primary email, changed the passwords, open my emails, got bank information and more. Within 24 hours Microsoft reset the passwords and got me back into my email, while Skype does nothing, not even a confirmation my request was heard.
    The response from Skype is very typical of all EBAY companies. Ebay and it’s sister companies don’t give a shit about cutomers and this includes Paypal. Rather than helping victoms they treat you like a criminal. Now I have to deal with all my customers that have been trying to reach me through skype and cannot get through.
    This is a nightmare. I removed the hacked bank account and credit card from my paypal account to keep the hijacker from accessing the account and Paypal now tries to threaten me with account closure because I won’t put another bank and credit card on file LOL how sad Ebay companies are.

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  5. Manoj Mohanani says:

    My Skype was hacked about a year ago, when i was away on Holiday, and a client called me, to ask me if everything was okay, and ask him why, and he asked where i was, when i told him i was by the hotel pool, he said that’s not possible, i was just talking to you on skype. then i realized someone has hacked my account. when i tried to log on to change the password, it asked me to re-enter my password, and then it just wouldn’t let me back on. i since have changed my skype name, and have most of my old contacts on, but occasionally, when someone has my old and new account they do have conversations with my hacker. what can i do to stop this, and cancel my old skype a/c, when i don’t even have the right password now?? pls suggest.

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