Conversations That Create—An International Thought Leadership Programme

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —April 15, 2008
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Here’s an event you might like to attend. It’s been organisation by Ralph Kerle from The Creative Leadership Forum.

Conversations That Create—An International Thought Leadership Programme

May 7 – 9, 2008

Venue: Centre for Leadership, Building 18, Chowder Bay Road, Mosman, Sydney NSW, Australia 2088

The Forum Challenge: “How can leaders in organisations lead generative conversations”

With International Thought Leaders

Shawn Callahan, Founder, Anecdote, Melbourne. Australia

Pavan Choudary, CEO, Vygon India, author and executive coach, Madras, India

Ralph Kerle, Chief Executive Officer, The Creative Leadership Forum, Sydney, Australia

Professor Kirpal Singh Ph.D, Singapore Management University, Dean of Economics, Arts, and Humanities, novelist, poet, Singapore.

and Session Leaders

Sandra Kay Lauffenburger (Laban), Dr Louise Mahler (Vocal and Choral)

A 2 1/2 day leadership programme designed to explore, develop and produce new thinking and learning around the way conversations occur to produce creative outcomes..

“Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so.” Doris Lessing

The Forum Preamble

The hard assets of all organizations tend to constitute the primary value of the organization but they are useless if not for the human asset and specifically the resourcefulness of that human asset to organize and utilize the hard assets. And one of the essential elements of this human resourcefulness is that of imagination and creativity. But these two elements remain dormant without the generative contexts to draw them out and generative contexts are established and maintained only by the right kinds of conversations. If the output of a musician is music, the output of a playwright a script, the output of a sculptor a piece of visual art, then the output of a leader is creative conversation because it is the leader’s job to organize and focus the energy of human resourcefulness. It is the job of the leader to create and maintain the conversational ‘spaces’ that trigger the imagination and apply that imagination to creative work. The majority of conversations that people have at work do not readily lend themselves to creative action. What is the case in your organization?

Conversations that Create will explore and develop how to create and maintain the necessary generative spaces and have the kinds of conversations needed to move individuals and teams into creative output. Participants will learn and practice practical ways of having conversations for possibility and opportunity, for engagement, commitment and creative action and for creating the necessary relationships for sustaining a generative space.

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Event Fees and Conditions

The cost to participate is $880 incl GST. All meals are included in the cost. Accommodation is excluded. Click here for full details of the venue situated on Sydney Harbour. The Forum is limited to 30 people. All presenters will be participants as well. This is not an academic conference, rather a peer to peer practice led information exchange with participants drawn from business, government, academia, the arts. Particular regard will be paid to the balance and mix of participants.

If you are interested please email Ralph Kerle on or call direct on 0412 559 603 in the first instance.

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