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Posted by  Shawn Callahan —March 12, 2008
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This year I will be speaking at KM Australia in two capacities: running a workshop on knowledge strategy, and speaking with Greg Marsh from BAE Systems about the community of practice work we are doing together.

The conference is held in sunny Melbourne (well, it was sunny yesterday), 21-23 July.

The workshop is called Involving your Organisation in Strategising Knowledge. Here is the description:

Most times we know what to do. We know about the lack of communication across our organisational silos, we know we are constantly reinventing the wheel, we know that it’s hard to find expertise when we need it, and it’s even harder to find relevant information that’s buried in the labyrinth of file system hierarchies. What’s surprising is that we even know how to improve these issues, yet nothing changes. Consequently, we view the development of a knowledge strategy as a change project to help the organisation set a clear direction for change and develop a resolve among employees to take action.

This workshop will teach you how to tap into emotions and demonstrate why you need to broaden involvement when strategising how knowledge will be created, shared and used. This is not about creating a pristine document, but rather marshalling the energy in people to make a difference. You will learn about the Three Journeys process, how to use stories to communicate with impact, and find out what’s really happening in your organisation.

You can request a brochure for KM Australia here. It will be great to see you there.

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  1. Gregory Segal says:

    We are currently reviewing our Knowledge Strategy here at the TAC in Melbourne. One of the strategies is to create an ERMS to capture the huge amount of paper based knowledge. As Library Manager working on this project this is indeed an exciting transition in work practices and change mangagement.

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