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Posted by  Mark Schenk —August 8, 2007
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I rushed out of the house at ‘oh-dark-hundred’ on Monday morning for a three and a half hour drive to run a workshop for the day, followed by a two and a half hour drive in the evening to be in location for Tuesday. About 20 minutes from home I realised that my mobile phone was sitting safely on my bedside table – D’Oh! It was too late to go back and get it so I resigned myself to missing the long drive as an opportunity to make a heap of phone calls.

During the drive I realised that I already had a cool communications solution in the car with me. I pulled over and connected to the internet through my laptop using mobile broadband. By using a hands-free headset and Skype Out I was then able to call people and talk to them while driving. It worked surprisingly well.

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  1. Edgar Tan says:

    Hi Mark
    On Saturday my mates and I arranged to meet for lunch. On my way there, I realised that I’d left my phone at home. The next few moments were just swooshed by a sense of helplessness. I didn’t know exactly where the lunch venue was, and I hadn’t remembered anybody’s cellular number. Even if I did remember, it would have been difficult to find a public pay phone in Singapore that would accept coins rather than one of those prepaid cards (which you must find somewhere that sells them).
    I eventually found my mates, and my phone. But I reckon that the Machines have already invaded our world.

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