Anecdote circles don’t work for everyone

Posted by  Mark Schenk —April 6, 2007
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Occasionally, anecdote circles don’t work. Sometimes, people don’t get a lot out of them.

In the feedback session for the leadership program mentioned on Wednesday one of the participants had this to say:

I attended one of the anecdote circles and, no offense meant Mark, but I thought it was a bit of a waste of time. But now, when I see all these stories assembled and how we can use them and how powerful they are…well I have changed my mind – I get it now.

Yesterday I ran anecdote circles in Brisbane involving people providing services and support for the homeless. Despite them being desperately over worked and it being the last day before the Easter break, the feedback from both circles was really positive. So, while anecdote circles might not work for everyone, they seem to really work for most.

I also was to acknowledge the incredible contribution these people make. In a resource-poor sector they make a difference every day in a very confronting, emotionally demanding and sometimes dangerous job that they get paid peanuts to do.


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  1. Nerida Hart says:

    Great work Mark (and the people in the Department you have been working in). I don’t think many people recognise the work that is being done in the homeless sector. It is poorly paid, sometimes dangerous – but we are so lucky as a country that there are people committed to making a difference. Also the day before a long weekend of any kind usually means additional workloads for those working in this sector.

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