Driving the Mars Rover

Posted by  Mark Schenk —February 17, 2007
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Spirit mars roverI just read with interest an article in the NASA ASK Magazine about training new teams to operate the two Mars rovers, Opportunity and Spirit. The process takes over 12 months ‘apprenticeship’ and requires learning many of the systems associated with the rovers to ensure they have the context require to successfully operate the vehicles.

The process is a kind of apprenticeship, where observation, study, and supervised practice combine to pass on knowledge and skills that book learning or theoretical discussion alone could never teach. We think this is the only effective way to teach the complex and subtle skills a rover driver needs.

The NASA ASK Magazine is an interesting knowledge sharing initiative that communicates success stories intended to share good practices and lessons learned with fellow practitioners across the Agency. ASK stands for ‘Academy Sharing Knowledge’. The underpinning philosophy is that

stories recounting the real-life experiences of practitioners communicate important practical wisdom. By telling their stories, managers, scientists, and engineers share valuable experience-based knowledge and foster a community of reflective practitioners.

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