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Posted by  Mark Schenk —October 4, 2006
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Back in July we decided that the Anecdote team needed to grow and we ‘advertised’ via the blog and using word of mouth. We received many applications and met a whole bunch of fabulous and interesting people during the interview process that we will be keeping in touch with. To everyone who applied –  thanks.

Most importantly, we are pleased to announce that Robyn Ciuro will be joining us in mid-October. Robyn was a real stand-out candidate. Her diverse career includes teaching, system testing and senior HR roles for several companies.  Academic achievements include a Masters of Education and a Masters of KM. Most importantly of course, we love her and her attitude to life and work! We look forward to introducing her to you. Robyn faces a bit of an uphill battle in bringing some gender balance to Anecdote though 🙂


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  1. Lex McCafferty says:

    Hey, that’s great! Congratulations to Robyn and congratulations to Anecdote.

  2. Leni Ciuro says:

    Good choice, exactly who I would have chosen… I have seen first hand how well she handles what you call gender balance. She always takes the boys side! At least, she does with my brothers. So congratulations! And I’ll see you on Sunday, Mum!

  3. Robyn Ciuro says:

    Thanks Lex, for your good wishes. I am thrilled to be joining Anecdote and look forward to the exciting learning journey ahead. And Leni, thanks also…. I’ll deal with you on Sunday!

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