Words should be full of meaning

Posted by  Andrew Rixon —November 18, 2005
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Following right on the tail of my post on Facilitation is a fat word I came across this posting over at The Monster Blog:

Words should be full of meaning, not hollow phrases. Sounds in an empty room also resonate. Too many management slogans resonate around us at work and too many of them are hollow and empty.

Seems to resonate for me…

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  1. Julian Carver says:

    I’ve used the concept of resonance slightly differently, but in a very related context here:
    For me what makes a word full of meaning is how much it resonates with the experiences of the person hearing it. So, if they’ve been involved in developing a company vision, the few short words will be far more imbued with meaning than for someone not involved in the process. The words act as semantic markers for a set of rich, highly contextual discussions, ideas and shared meaning.
    So what sounds like a platitude for one person, can be a very powerful statement for another. Involvement in the process is one way of getting them from the former to the later.

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