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Posted by  Shawn Callahan —September 11, 2005
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I love it when a friend sends me a link to a new weblog suggesting I might like it. Andrew Rixon just sent me a link to Johnnie Moore’s blog and from the first few posts I’ve read, I love it. A post from yesterday alerts us to a new essay by Margaret Wheatley on disturbance being our friend in a complex world. Margaret has a lovely turn of phrase. How may times have you heard people say the world is getting more complexity and the pace is quickening. While I know it is an important point I tend to yawn when this is the first paragraph—I’m sure I’ve done it myself. Anyway, here is how Margaret put us in the context—and it’s not her first para:

But everything has changed since those sweet, slow days when the world seemed knowable and predictable, when we actually knew what to do next. The growing complexity of our times makes certainty about any move or any position much more precarious. And in this networked world where information moves at the speed of light and “truth” mutates before our eyes, certainty changes and speeds off at equivalent velocity.

It would be great to hear what you favourite blogs that you think I might like. Just pop your ideas in the comments.

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  1. Hi Shawn, thanks for the praise, it’s very welcome. I read Wheatley’s A Simpler Way recently and its full of the same kind of wisdom.

  2. Jann Freed says:

    I love the tag line: Putting stories to work. Stories are so powerful. Thanks. Jann

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