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Posted by  Shawn Callahan —March 18, 2005
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Chris Atkinson has written a book on how to make better presentations using a narrative approach. His blog and website (beyond bullets) brim with practical ideas. Well worth a look.

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  1. My basic rule of thumb recently has been to only use text for slide titles, or within diagrams. I use pictures as a focal point for the audience, and as a memory jogg for the stories I want to tell around that particular concept.
    The main reasons are so the audience looks at me rather than reading words on the screen (which makes it easier to engage them and build rapport), and so I’m forced to think well on my feet and relate anecdotes rather than reading off bullet points dense with theory.
    In a recent presentation I did on fostering innovation for a research science organisation I used pictures almost exclusively, all pulled together in an hour using Google’s image search.

  2. cliff says:

    Great rule of thumb, Julian! My book describes how to do that, building the entire presentation on a narrative structure that distills information down to most essential. It would be great if you could share your presentations so we can see your more visual approach – the more examples the better!

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