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Out of Focus: The story of how Kodak lost its direction

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —July 30, 2012
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I was sent a copy of this book by its author John Larish. It had immediate interest for me because in the early 90s I ran a photo library with my dear friend Peter Fox and we were actively digitising our collection using Kodak technology. They were at the forefront of the photographic industry back […]

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When not to tell a detailed, emotional and human story

Posted by  Kevin Bishop —July 18, 2012
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Suicide ranks as the 10th leading cause of death globally. *1 On top of well-established risk factors for suicide (e.g. depression, previous suicide attempts, negative life events, socio-economic disadvantage), there is considerable evidence that the way the media reports on the suicide can significantly impact on the number of subsequent ‘copycat’ suicides. The occurrence of […]

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Storytelling workshops in India

Posted by  Daryl Cook —July 17, 2012
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We’re excited to announce that Shawn and Mark are visiting India in late September and will be running two of our workshops in the New Delhi District: – **Storytelling to influence, engage & persuade** – 25th September – **Influencing change with the natural power of stories** – 26th September We have so many followers and […]

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