Posted by  Krista Schmeling —March 8, 2008
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Last year I was given an unexpected but very welcomed opportunity to work with the Anecdote team. Over a short period of time my understanding of affecting organisational change in the most positive of ways has grown immensely. My knowledge of leadership development and communities of practice have been greatly enhanced among so many other thing that I’ve learned.

Because of the great work that Anecdote does, their client base and networks are full of fantastic and switched on people. Fortunately for me I have met many of these great people. I’ve had some really interesting conversations with Anecdoters and others I’ve met through them about how work together in mindful ways , and I look forward to bringing the passion and insights I’ve gained with me on my continuing journey.

I will miss the Anecdote team – their culture of creativity and sharing of ideas, but I won’t be far away.

Thanks, Anecdote, for such a wonderful opportunity. I’ll look forward to further inspiration through the website!

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