4 Stories themes that can help engage staff

Posted by  chandni —February 29, 2008
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The January ’08 cover of CIO magazine provokes an interesting thought about managing people: There’s so much to be done to bring and retain people in an organization.
Hidden within these 23 points is a learning curve that the employee is expected to leap across. So what is the best way to ‘hang on to them’?
To make the work experience interesting and engaging for staff, managers could dig out stories from their workplace.
These stories are simply examples of things that worked well. Here’s four examples to seek out:
1. How a training opportunity made a difference
2. When a manager was a good listener
3. How a bunch of helpful colleagues made life easier
4. When good work was recognized

These stories are a great resource for staff induction. What other stories themes can you think of?
PS: If you’re keen to find such stories in your workplace, come along for our Narrative Techniques for Business Workshop to learn how to elicit stories.

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