Thoughts to actions

Posted by  chandni —January 14, 2008
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The best thing we could do for ourselves is reflect on the way we think. I read that in a book once (as a wisdom tip!)

Our thoughts affect the way we feel about something (emotions) and the way we react to situations (our behavior) and that chain reaction determines the outcome (results). At Anecdote, the sense-making activities we facilitate aim to invoke the right knowledge-sharing behaviors within an organization, and we start by asking people to reflect and share their emotional experiences. The anecdote circles help to subconsciously re-tune our thinking and thereby our actions and the results we achieve.

Here’s an interesting anecdote that illustrates this chain reaction quite well.

We associate Alexander Graham Bell with the invention of the telephone, but it was actually Elisha Gray who invented it first. Gray was criticised by academia for an invention they found ‘had no direct application,’ and he let the criticism stump his creativity. Graham Bell, on the other hand, showed stronger self-belief. He walked into the Patent Office and secured a patent for his invention. Gray walked in two hours later, but it was obviously too late then.

You can read the full story here.

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