Story as a source of insight

Posted by  Andrew Rixon —September 28, 2006
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Here is an anecdote from a senior executive from our recent survey which I just had to share. I’ve posted about the 5 ways in which stories are discouraged in organisations, as well as the 7 story forms which are valued in organisations. Paradoxically, but realistically, this anecdote contains elements of both of these, discouragement and value. This anecdote also reflects two of the key attributes which I think is vital to being a skilled storylistener. Patience and Hope. This senior executive appears to demonstrate both of these.

I have only been with this organisation for 2 months when I started I heard a lot of stories about the organisation. “The culture of this organisation is one that doesn’t support it’s staff!”, “Management don’t know what they want from us” and “You have a hard job ahead of you”. These stories were greatly valued and encouraged by me but as a source of insight into organisational need and individual needs. These stories were, at the same time, not encouraged because there is a sense of constantly being negative, not seeing a way forward at all.

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