How can you become a skilled story listener?

Posted by  Andrew Rixon —September 13, 2006
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The ultimate guide to anecdote circlesBusiness people love stories yet most of them just don’t know it yet. Luckily, many of the world’s leading business thinkers and business leaders point to stories as vital in understanding issues like organisational learning, cultural change, leadership, and evaluation. Using story approaches assumes one important aspect: stories. Storytelling is in our nature, but it seems that many of us have lost or forgotten the gentle art of listening; especially in organisations. How can you elicit stories? How can you help people share their stories? How can you become a skilled story listener?

Running Anecdote Circles is one great way to become a skilled story listener.

Soon we will be releasing our “Ultimate Guide to Anecdote Circles” ebook. In this eBook (which we will be giving away for free) we have drawn upon our collective experience of running hundreds of Anecdote Circles and have focussed on the art and science of anecdote circles. In particular we have aimed to distil our practical know-how which covers the seascape of skills, tricks, tips and exercises useful to running successful, fun and inspiring Anecdote Circles.

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One Response to “How can you become a skilled story listener?”

  1. Chandni Says:

    This compilation is a great idea. I’d love to have a copy and am sure to use it often!
    Listening is a difficult skill to master. One tends to form opinions almost instantly and often without adequate facts and expertise. So, the focus shifts from listening to opinion formation, and as a result the true learning is lost.
    I think this guide will be truly beneficial for all. It will help us convince/impress others to just listen first and resist the temptation of reacting instantly.

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