Change your story – Change your world

Posted by  Andrew Rixon —August 14, 2006
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SuperdogWhat happens when you cross a well known Improv guru with a company passionate about story? You get a new workshop, of course!

With Izzy Gesell coming all the way from the USA to Australia in November we have worked together to design a new workshop called “Change your story Change your world”. How story telling and Improv Theatre skills can help you honour your past, understand your present and shape your future. We’ll be running this workshop in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Check here for dates. Don’t miss out!

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One Response to “Change your story – Change your world”

  1. Michael Wagner Says:

    This looks like a great initiative!
    Improv has a lot to teach us. With the notion of “co-creation” gaining acceptance in our networked world I have anticipated a species of marketing that I call “improv marketing” arising.
    Now how to justify a trip from Iowa to Australia.
    Just might have to “change my story” to make that happen.
    Thanks, as always, for helpful, thoughtful postings!

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