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Posted by  Andrew Rixon —December 4, 2005
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If you’re a keen blog reader you might want to consider using a blogreader tool like bloglines. I find it certainly makes it easy to keep all the interesting blogs you’re reading in one place.

A simple way to get started in bloglines (which includes getting an automatic subscription to our feed) is to click the link below:

Subscribe with Bloglines 

(Also check out Seth Godin’s post on RSS and why its not for nerds. Not any more.)

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2 Responses to “Make your blog reading easier”

  1. Keith De La Rue Says:

    I have tried Bloglines, but I found that I didn’t go to the Bloglines page regularly enough to make this really workable. Also, I was not about to make Bloglines my home page. My usual homepage is Google, and Google now offers something to make this even more useful – the Google Personalised Home.

    You can not only do your usual searches from this, but also see your local weather, drag and drop your favourite news and blogs, and even add your own bookmark list. Everything you need in one page, including your favourite blogs. (Not a paid advertisement!)

    One interesting feature of this: two blogs I have on my Google home are Anecdote and – guess what – Dilbert. So when the Anecdote blog recently referred to an article on Scott Adam’s Dilbert blog – “Peeping in My Window” – I could see both entries from the one screen…

    To try it out, just click on “Personalized Home” from the normal Google page.

  2. James Dellow Says:

    The other approach is to integrate it with your email. For example, Mozilla’s Thunderbird has a built in RSS reader – see Some of the Webmail services – e.g. Yahoo – are now also providing integrated RSS readers. Email and RSS is a great combination.

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