Barriers to public participation

Posted by  Andrew Rixon —November 26, 2005
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This comes from yesterday’s Australian Financial Review regarding a contentious desalination plant which Sydney is planning for.

The key points which the paper reported were:

  • “Plans for a desalination plant in Sydney have been released for public consultation.”
  • “The decision to build the plant is final, says the minister.”

Now I’m not quite sure where this fits in Arnstein’s ladder of participation*, but the way that was reported sure looks like a form of non-participation, rather than public consultation.

Arnsteins ladder of participation

No wonder people are wary about ‘public consultation’ programs that go out, which appear participatory, but really are just telling them what will happen.

(* Arnstein S 1969 ‘A Ladder of Citizen Participation’ AIP Journal p 216-224 )


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