The problem with strategic planning

Posted by  Andrew Rixon —October 5, 2005
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It’s interesting how many organisations do strategic planning and yet how little value is considered to be delivered as a result. In an article called Eight problems with strategic planning a few points tweaked my interest.

  • Does our process produce a plan that’s “real?”
  • Does our plan really work for the organization?
  • Is anybody doing anything?

The danger I see with the normal model of highly facilitated (the facilitator is driving) strategic planning sessions is that the 3 points raised above are often missed. As mentioned in the article, often the facilitator is too academic (in which case a framework is used) or the facilitator is too much of a content expert for the industry and ends up taking over the meeting, when really, it should emerge from the work of the participants.

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  1. Column Two says:

    Eight problems with your firm’s strategic plan

    Hank M. Harris has written an article on problems with strategic planning. To quote: I have seen many planning efforts involving a facilitator who knows nothing about the industry (for example, a generic management consultant) or one who knows too…

  2. Could you let me have a copy of the best / largest electronic version you have of that particular Dilbert cartoon ?
    (It predates the on-line Dilbert resources, and I cannot find another copy. I will acknowledge copyright if I use it.)

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