Do your leaders inspire and engage your employees?


Are your engagement scores lagging, with communication coming up as an area of concern?

Do your leaders seem to waffle and have trouble getting their message to stick?

Are there stories floating around your business that harm what you are trying to do but seem impossible to shift?

Do your people wonder why a particular decision has been made and then seem reluctant to get on board?

Our clients do our Story-Powered Leadership® program to tackle significant issues like these.

Story-Powered Leadership is a three-month learning program with a one- or two-day workshop and a deliberate practice program that will help you establish the habit of business storytelling—ideal for improving your communication and presentation skills. And we offer online, instructor-led delivery too.

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When we asked our customers why they chose Story-Powered Leadership instead of other programs, this is what they told us:

“Anecdote has been doing business storytelling for a long time, since 2004.”

“The program is customisable and allows us to embed our own stories.”

“The program is focused on behaviour change, not just training in a workshop.”

“It’s not Hollywood-style storytelling. It’s pragmatic, ideal for technical-minded leaders.”

“Other large corporations have invested in Story-Powered Leadership. We are not the first.”

“It’s experience-based learning. Participants tell stories throughout the program—learning by doing.”

“It’s based on research.”

“There are train-the-trainer options so we can deliver the program ourselves.”

“Story-Powered Leadership can be delivered locally in 28 countries, in 11 languages, by Anecdote’s global partners.”

“The training materials are gorgeous, the best in the business.”


What will the program do for you and your business?

You’ll learn how to use your day-to-day experiences (your stories) to make and reinforce business points.

You’ll also learn specific story patterns to explain why change is happening, to change people’s minds, to overcome objections, to illustrate success, and much more.

And you’ll achieve all of this without furrowing any brows or sending anyone to sleep.

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“I was looking around for a company to help Mars develop the ability to be more inspirational in our communications to our associates, when I had the opportunity to be a mentor on a GM development program. It was there that I first had a taste of Anecdote’s storytelling training. I knew then and there that this was what I had been searching for, and I arranged for Anecdote to train my own team and Mars’ wider leadership team.
It’s amazing the difference it has made, turning communication into inspiration. The feedback we’ve had from associates has confirmed to me that this was a fantastic investment, one where I have developed a new skill that I love.”
—Gerry Lynch, Mars Inc.
“Anecdote took the leadership of NAB through Story-Powered Leadership, which was both enjoyable and compelling in reinforcing why we simply had to learn the art of storytelling to improve our personal leadership effectiveness and engagement. As part of the program, we organised an offsite for around 40 of my senior leaders. Each of my direct reports told a story about the work achievement they were most proud of, and there were stories about when people had most effectively and proudly demonstrated one of NAB’s five core values.
These sessions helped embed what our five core values are and what they look like in practice, plus our team left the conference confident of the difference we were making to the business – and highly engaged. Part of the impact was to move our staff engagement score from 36% to 63%, a result we are all very proud of.”
—Mal Carter, National Australia Bank
“To us as a Corporate Affairs team, being able to communicate simply and effectively is the most important skill as both leaders and professional communicators. When it came to finding a provider to train our team at our regional conference, we wanted only the best. Anecdote came highly recommended from within our organisation.
The day was most enjoyable, and the icing on the cake was a significant win for two of our team, who used their new skills in a highly successful negotiation that afternoon. The net result was that by the end of the day, the training had already paid for itself – many times over. We are all thrilled and excited by the world of storytelling the program has opened up to us.”
—Catherine Pemberton, Wrigley


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