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To be an effective business storyteller you need to have an extensive repertoire of stories. This means you need to notice stories, collect them avidly and understand the business point of the story.

Here are some additional resources around developing this key skill. These links contain a range of examples that illustrate the issues which might be of use to you.

Blog post
Don’t write your stories out in full.
If collecting stories is hard work we are unlikely to keep doing it for long. A key barrier is when we try to write stories out in full.
Spotting stories – the foundation skill
In the workshop, we described how the ability to accurately differentiate story from ‘not-story’ is a the foundation skill that unlocks the power of storytelling in business. This 3.5 minute video gives some key tips to hone your skills.
The StoryTest
Take the storytest to see if you are now a story-spotting wiz – get feedback explaining what are and are not stories. It only takes 7-8 minutes.
Story finder
Anecdote has been blogging about business stories since 2004. We’ve categorized the stories to make them easy to find and collected them into an easily accessible resource centre called StoryFinder
Blog post
Developing the habit of noticing stories
This blog post describes how to build a habit of noticing stories.
Blog post
Remembering business stories
How do you remember stories so they are available to you at the moment of need. This article describes some of the key steps.

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