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Strategy stories do more than communicate strategy

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Anecdote article image: A strategy story does more than communicate your strategyWe’ve now helped about 50 companies create their strategy story. Time and time again, we’ve come across executive teams who don’t have a strong understanding of their company strategy or have incorrectly assumed that everyone is on the same page. This assumption remains until we ask each team member to explain various elements of the strategy, at which point it becomes clear that each person has a different take on it. Strategy stories are not only an effective way to communicate strategy, they have many other benefits for the organisations which choose to create and share them.

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Shawn Callahan, Founder & Director, Anecdote

Shawn is the author of the award-winning Putting Stories to Work and one of the world’s leading business storytelling consultants. He is the founder of Anecdote, the world’s largest business storytelling enterprise that operates in over 28 countries in 11 languages. Shawn works around the world helping leaders find and tell their stories so their message is clear and memorable. He has had the privilege of assisting Global 1000 companies such as IBM, Shell, Mars and KPMG.