Storytelling for Change

How to lead change and inspire action with stories.
Gain the power to amplify or change culture.

What is it?

Storytelling for Change is an eight-week program that gives you the power to inspire change in your workplace.

The initial half- to full-day workshop gives you the storytelling skills to craft a change story and get comfortable telling it, as well as find and tell stories that reinforce the change. The skills you learn during the workshop are then refined and embedded over eight weeks through a set of small, self-guided tasks – one each week – that you will do back at work. Download Storytelling for Change brochure.

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What will I learn?

  • You’ll learn how to spot stories that will help to support change.
  • You’ll start to build the habit of sharing stories to illustrate opinions and make points.
  • You’ll learn how to embed powerful stories throughout your business in a systematic and purposeful way, and deal with anti-stories along the way.

What outcomes can I expect?

You can expect to have more influence and inspire more people to take action.

Storytelling will help you to nurture change within your organisation, and to more seamlessly guide others through that change.

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What people are saying about Storytelling for Change

speech-marksThe theme for our manager program this year was ‘Leading Organisational Change’. We wanted a program that equipped our managers to be great leaders and champions of change, and we knew that storytelling was going to be a critical element. We partnered with Anecdote early in the design phase. They were flexible and highly professional throughout the process.

Shawn delivered an engaging and interactive session with our managers and the feedback has been excellent. Our managers found the session really interesting and practical and they are already utilising the skills and tools, with impactful results.

The materials were well designed and provided important application ideas so that the managers could embed their learning over time.”

Val Madsen,
General Manager Human Resources, St Barbara

testimonial photo Val Madsen



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