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Day 2 of Story Week

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —May 5, 2009
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Day 2 of Story Week is here. Yesterday we had a video with a big Story. Today we have a snippet, a small story of a day-to-day interaction in a workplace. Our theme for the week is leadership, so look at the story in this light. Think how you would feel in the same circumstances. […]

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Story week is here

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —May 4, 2009
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The Story Week is here! Over the next 5 days, we’ll be offering you 5 stories – some momentous, some more low-key – and we’re inviting you to tell us what you think of them. After you have viewed, read or heard the story, we’d like you to fill out the form below and maybe […]

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Posted by  Shawn Callahan —April 30, 2009
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Last year I wrote about how the skill to apologize will become even more valuable as the world get even more complex and speedy. Things will go wrong. Well it looks like some books are being published on the topic. Here’s what Tom Peters has discovered. In What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: […]

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Three story plots we humans dearly love

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —April 17, 2009
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The authors of Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath, point out that there are three story plots we humans dearly love: the creativity plot where the protagonist solves one or more puzzles through shear ingenuity, persistence and always with a dash of dumb luck. The DaVinci Code is an example. the connection plot where […]

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As a business person, why care about storytelling?

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —April 11, 2009
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In 1993, as the co-founder of photographic library startup, I travelled to Los Angeles to check out one of America’s largest commercial photographic collections. Remarkably they were well under way converting their film stock to Kodak PhotoCD, a proprietary digital format launched the year before. We were impressed with Eastman Kodak because it looked like […]

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A simple explanation of the Cynefin Framework

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —April 3, 2009
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A while back I created a sketchcast of how I explain the Cynefin Framework and it became a popular sketch. Unfortunately Sketchcast went out of business and I lost my sketch so last night I recreated it and popped it up on YouTube. This model was first published by Kurtz, Cynthia & Snowden, David, 2003, ‘The […]

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How to tell a story about yourself without sounding like an ego-maniac

To paraphrase Annette Simmons, “People won’t listen to you until they know who you are and what you want.” And one of the best ways to introduce yourself and answer these two questions is to tell a story that reveals something about your character and experience. The challenge for many people, however, is to find […]

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A leader’s role to trigger stories

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —March 18, 2009
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Yesterday I popped out for a meeting at the National Australia Bank. They have a new CEO, Cameron Clyne, and last week he announced a restructure that has substantially flattened the organisation. While the restructure has been the topic of lots of conversations and stories inside and outside the bank, Cameron has done two other […]

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What is the leader’s role?

Posted by  chandni —November 24, 2008
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I was reading a presentation on collaborative behaviours in nursing and came across this great quote. “The most critical aspect of leadership is the desire and passion to lead, the capacity to deeply reflect on and learn from leadership activities, a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone, and the ability to build and […]

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Social media demands honesty

Posted by  Mark Schenk —September 12, 2008
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I spent a fair bit of Thursday at the Melcrum Strategic Communications Summit in Sydney, where one of our clients was presenting on the use of narrative in their manager development program, exploring their OCI results and embedding their new corporate values. One of the other speakers told how their CEO started blogging internally (at […]

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