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Leading from the front…complexity management basics for CEOs

Posted by  Robyn —April 15, 2008
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The damaging windstorm in Melbourne two weeks ago gave me an interesting insight into how poorly prepared the leadership of our energy organisations were to deal with a crisis. You could argue that a simple demonstration of the energy of Mother Nature and its effects on modern civilisation is hardly a crisis but I doubt […]

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Everyone has a story…

Posted by  Robyn —February 22, 2008
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…is the byline of Smith, an online storytelling community that provides a space to read, write, and share stories. Just over twelve months ago they posed a challenge to the community that was based on the famous $10 bet that Ernest Hemingway rose to conquer – that he could not write a short story in […]

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Name badges as conversation starters

Posted by  Robyn —November 7, 2007
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Graham Harvey in his book ‘Seducing the Vigilante Customer ‘ tells of his experience in a restaurant. “Even though I sort of half guessed what the answer might be, I went ahead and asked the question anyway. “Why do you have Cardiff, Wales written under your name?” “Cardiff is where I was born.” replied the […]

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Dealing with email overload

Posted by  Robyn —October 26, 2007
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Research company IDC says that 39.7 billion person to person emails buzz around the world each day. Hardly surprising given that I have worked in organisations where people used email to arrange meeting for lunch with someone two desks away. That’s why I like what’s happening at INTEL a lot. Three weeks ago 150 of […]

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Is new technology a mystery to you?

Posted by  Robyn —October 6, 2007
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For those of us who have struggled with another piece of new technology.

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Writing it down

Posted by  Robyn —October 1, 2007
Filed in Business storytelling

Given my publicly confessed reluctance to begin blogging you might be surprised to find me a strong supporter of the written word. The pleasure for me in creating elaborate photo albums for my family lies in the extensive journalling that accompanies the pictures on the page. My frustration with the pile of black and white […]

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Genius everyday

Posted by  Robyn —August 23, 2007
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I’ve been keeping my eyes open for something entertaining to read on a long plane journey. I’m a fast reader and easily bored so the usual fare at airports barely lasts until I am flying over the West Australian coast. That leaves about another 20 hours of flying time to fill. So wandering past the […]

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Good conversations lead to good stories

Posted by  Robyn —August 2, 2007
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Watching Andrew Denton interview Michael Parkinson on More Than Enough Rope on ABC television recently was a lesson in good interviewing techniques. Denton even admitted he only needed to turn up, say something to get started and then sit back and let Michael just tell his stories. Parkinson was relating how difficult it was way […]

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Not so Newcomer

Posted by  Robyn —June 29, 2007
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Well, Daryl’s arrival on the scene at Anecdote has really put the pressure on me now he has published his maiden blog post. Here I’ve been for several months and nothing from me but a deafening silence. For people who have actually met me this is entirely out of character. I have opinions on everything […]

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