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Untangle messy people issues through story listening

Posted by  Indranil Chakraborty —October 30, 2017
Filed in Business storytelling, Culture

Problems often occur when we try to solve people issues with the same approaches we use for machines or markets. Here’s how story listening can assist.

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How to Build Your Story Repertoire

Posted by  Indranil Chakraborty —August 17, 2017
Filed in Anecdotes, Business storytelling

There is nothing better than to be able to illustrate a point with a story, but how do you remember the right story when you need it? Try this process.

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Case studies are dead. Long live success stories

How do you make case studies interesting to read, easy to recall and effortless to retell? Anecdote Partner, Indranil Chakraborty, shares tips here:

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Business storytelling is not about heroes

Posted by  Indranil Chakraborty —September 12, 2014
Filed in Business storytelling

Luke Skywalker tills land at a farm on Tattoine but dreams of joining the Imperial Academy as a pilot. Then he meets his future mentor …

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A clever way to bring business values to life in India

Posted by  Indranil Chakraborty —March 24, 2014
Filed in Business storytelling

From Anecdote partner Indranil Chakraborty. Close to midnight on a humid, monsoon-laden day in August 2011, a few of my colleagues and I were staring …

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