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Bad strategy

Posted by  Daryl Cook —December 19, 2012
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I recently had the opportunity (and privilege) to attend a masterclass with [Richard Rumelt](, one of the world’s most influential thinkers on strategy and management, and author of ‘[Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters](’. As the title of his book hints, he sees lots of examples of what he calls ‘bad […]

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Speaking engagements

Posted by  Daryl Cook —October 8, 2012
Filed in Events

Are you organising a conference, event or workshop and want to make it more interesting and engaging? Stuck for ideas or looking for a fresh approach? Whether it’s a small executive team offsite, or a leadership conference like the one Kevin recently did for 250+ people, or even like the one Mark did earlier this […]

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Storytelling workshops in India

Posted by  Daryl Cook —July 17, 2012
Filed in Business storytelling, News

We’re excited to announce that Shawn and Mark are visiting India in late September and will be running two of our workshops in the New Delhi District: – **Storytelling to influence, engage & persuade** – 25th September – **Influencing change with the natural power of stories** – 26th September We have so many followers and […]

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A poem about Anecdote

Posted by  Daryl Cook —April 3, 2008
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Matt Moore, a good friend of ours, kindly offered to write a poem about Anecdote. So that he had some material to work with, Matt suggested that all of the Anecdoters keep ‘experience’ diaries for a week. At the end of each day, each of us wrote down our most memorable emotions from the day […]

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Graphic Facilitation 101

Posted by  Daryl Cook —March 25, 2008
Filed in Collaboration

I’ve been following Nancy’s visual and graphic facilitation work with interest for a while now, and inspired by a recent conversation with her, decided to try give it a go. So, a couple of weeks ago, when Shawn and I facilitated a workshop for a HR Practitioner Community of Practice, it was a great opportunity […]

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Making a difference

Posted by  Daryl Cook —February 19, 2008
Filed in Communication, Culture

I know we keep harping on about this, but little things can make a big difference! Here’s an inspiring Indian public announcement showing a great example:

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The link between complexity and narrative?

Posted by  Daryl Cook —February 7, 2008
Filed in Communication

Steve Hardy has written an article – What Specifically Do Generalists Do? To quote: All the elements that make up experiences are very complex when viewed objectively … but since experience is subjective, it is wonderfully refreshing and most useful to look at that kind of complexity through a human subjective lens and ask simply […]

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Learning how to learn

Posted by  Daryl Cook —January 28, 2008
Filed in Insight

After listening to a podcast recently — an interesting conversation between Dave Pollard and Chris Corrigan — I am now even more convinced of the importance that we know HOW to learn. (To be honest I probably didn’t need all that much convincing!). This skill will be so important in the future due to the […]

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Using a story spine for a reflection activity

Posted by  Daryl Cook —January 11, 2008
Filed in Fun

During a workshop I was recently involved in, I introduced the story spine to a couple of participants to help them to tell a story using the simple framework. Not only did they embrace it enthusiastically and use it to great effect, unexpectedly the framework was adapted for a different purpose. A small group of […]

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The fine art of (not) lecturing

Posted by  Daryl Cook —December 7, 2007
Filed in Communication

I just read a great article over at the about Nobel laureate Carl Wieman who wants professors to rethink how they teach. His message? In a nutshell: reduce the load; stimulate the brain. A lot of what he recommends is not just applicable to teaching science, it’s also relevant to anyone who presents information […]

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