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Leadership conducted with passion, teaching and storytelling

Posted by  Christopher Kogler —December 4, 2014
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Maestro Benjamin Zander – an amazingly approachable human being My wife, Kate, and I were in Boston, Massachusetts recently visiting our son Sebastian, who’s now attending university there. Sebastian has chosen a path a bit less traveled than others and is a French Horn performance major. Although he’s been in Boston just a few months, he was […]

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An amazing experience and why customer service is really everybody’s job

Posted by  Christopher Kogler —September 9, 2014
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My wife, Kate, and I decided to take a long weekend this recent US Labor Day holiday and explore New England a bit. The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, CT has been on our “must-see” list for a while, so that was our first stop.  It’s the oldest art museum in the USA […]

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3D printing saves a little girl from years of suffering

Posted by  Christopher Kogler —August 28, 2014
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Occasionally, a business story resonates deeply with me and renews my belief that we’re here to help others as we journey through this world. This is one of those stories. In April 2014, I attended the first 3D Printing Conference + Expo that was held at the Javits Center in New York City. The conference […]

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Sustainability Stories – Conundrum and Opportunity

Posted by  Christopher Kogler —July 10, 2014
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We’ve all read and heard the word sustainability but how many of us can articulate what it means? When I started working in the sustainability space several years ago, I was frankly baffled that so many people knew the word, but so few could really explain its meaning. I still regularly ask people for their […]

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3 keys to igniting retail sales by storytelling and story listening

Posted by  Christopher Kogler —June 18, 2014
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By Christopher Kogler, an Anecdote partner based in the USA. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a senior sales manager for a big box retail operation on the West Coast of the US and asked her to share a few of her secrets for success with me. Danielle shared the 3 principal keys she […]

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