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The Story Matrix: Three Zucchini Stories, Countless Meanings

Posted by  Amanda Marko —September 11, 2015
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Finding stories to tell is only part of your challenge as an effective communicator. It’s just as important to discern the story’s meaning so that you can put it to an appropriate use at the right time in the workplace. Once you find – or experience – a story, think about what scenarios you could […]

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A prescription for influence: The two story solution for change

Posted by  Amanda Marko —January 23, 2015
Filed in Business storytelling, Communication

The problem with a negative story Being negative is an easy trap to fall into. When trying to prove a point or change someone’s mind, the natural tendency is to use a story that has a negative point-of-view to warn against an outcome and perhaps shock the listener a little. The problem with a negative […]

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Maximise your influence with powerful story techniques

Posted by  Amanda Marko —November 27, 2014
Filed in Business storytelling, Leadership Posts

There’s a way to lead more effectively from anywhere in the corporate hierarchy without the benefit of the positional authority that comes in the form of titles and reporting relationships. Don’t wait to get into the c-suite to change minds, impact the business and leave a lasting impression. Be influential immediately. Telling stories, listening to […]

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How to keep your stories on track

Posted by  Amanda Marko —June 30, 2014
Filed in Business storytelling

By Amanda Marko, an Anecdote Partner based in the USA One way to think of a good business story is as a roadmap that points listeners toward an intended emotion or insight. But even with the best of intentions, a story can get off track or lose its way. When it comes to driving, the best advice […]

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Clarity stories are one of the things Government officials can do right

Posted by  Amanda Marko —June 2, 2014
Filed in Business storytelling, Strategy

By Amanda Marko, an Anecdote Partner based in the USA On the main convention floor of Madison Square Garden in New York City, thousands of screaming party loyalists had temporarily replaced thousands of screaming Knicks fans for a week in late August 2004. Behind an unmarked door off the main floor, the volume was more […]

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