203 – The resilience and persistence story of Penfolds Grange

Posted by  Anecdote International —April 16, 2024
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Without the resilience and persistence of Max Schubert we may have missed out on a great wine

Resilience and persistence are not only the hallmarks of future success in winemaking, but in business too.

Shawn and Mark discuss the relevance of this story to: sticking to your guns, having a ‘partner in crime’ and really, fully backing your instincts.

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This story starts at 02:41 and ends at 09:05

In the 1950s, Australia predominantly favored fortified wines, but Schubert, a visionary winemaker at Penfolds, had a different vision. Despite initial resistance from management, Schubert persisted in his quest to produce a premium table wine. His determination led to the birth of Grange Hermitage in 1951, named after the family cottage and the grape variety used.

However, Grange faced harsh criticism from wine critics, threatening its existence. Undeterred, Schubert and a supportive colleague, Jeffrey Penfold Highland, embarked on a secret endeavor to continue crafting Grange. Through patience and perseverance, the wine matured into a masterpiece, winning acclaim and prestigious awards by the 1960s.

Today, Penfolds Grange stands as a symbol of resilience and innovation in the wine industry, with each bottle carrying a rich history and hefty price tag. Join us as we raise a glass to Max Schubert and his unwavering commitment to excellence, proving that great wines, like great journeys, are often filled with unexpected twists and turns.

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