161 – Plans often go astray

Posted by  Anecdote International —September 20, 2022
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As the saying goes, the best-laid plans of mice and men can still go wrong. Listen to hear what a group of economists proposed to eradicate an issue impacting a series of childcare centres.

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This week, Mark shares a story from Freakonomics based on research undertaken across a series of childcare centres in Haifa, Israel. You can find the original Freakonomics article here

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In Haifa, Israel, a series of childcare centres were facing a common problem. They had a set pick-up time, but there were regular occurrences of parents being late to pick up their children, causing staff to have to stay back.

They needed to do something about it. A couple of economists thought it was an interesting challenge and put their minds to it.

In the first part of their study, the economists gathered data. They found that, on average, there were eight late pick-ups each day at each centre.

In the second part, the economists decided to enact a fine. The centres announced that a parent arriving more than ten minutes past the appointed pick-up hour would receive a fine of $3.00 per child and per incident.

The centres also announced a date from which they would enact the system. On that date, the number of late pick-ups more than doubled. It went up to 20.

The economists’ plan backfired because what they thought would be a disincentive traded a moral obligation to pick up a child with a fee for service.

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