154 – Less is more

Don’t put everything into your stories. You’ll overwhelm or distract your listener. Listen to hear how cutting a scene from the original King Kong kept audiences engaged.

King Kong on Hollywood sign

Welcome back to another episode of Anecdotally Speaking! This week, Shawn shares an anecdote about the original King Kong film. He found it in this Tom Hanks interview in the New York Times.

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In the original King Kong film, there is a scene where King Kong chases a couple of people across a log over the top of a massive ravine on skull island. 

King Kong swings at and hits the people with another log, and they fall to their deaths. 

As the camera allows you to look down the ravine, you can see some web-like structures. 

In the original version, there was another element to the scene. 

The people fall into a spider’s web, and a gigantic spider comes up and attacks King Kong. But from then, people were more afraid of the spider than King Kong. 

So they cut the scene, removing the spider. 

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