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148 – When sense takes flight

Your decisions can have unintended consequences, so give them careful consideration. Listen to hear how one man’s decision caused the deaths of millions of people.

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Communication is broken

Posted by  Mark Schenk —April 28, 2022
Filed in Communication, Employee Engagement

Leaders often assume there’s nothing they can do to improve communication in their organisation, but the solution is relatively simple.

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147 – The chemistry of hot and cold states

Context and emotional state determine success, so when stakes are high, consider simulating the scenario as best you can. Listen to hear how a premier league soccer coach did just that.

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146 – The Assistant Director’s cut

Trust those around you; as a leader, you don’t always need to make the final decision. Listen to hear how an actor handles starring in and directing a movie.

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145 – Dark mansions made of cubes and squares

When you start something, stick with it until you finish it. Listen to hear how an English mathematician solved the world’s longest-standing maths problem. Shawn …

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