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144 – Science warms up to story

To build trust, you need to share emotional information. Listen to hear how three studies found a link between oxytocin and behaviour change.

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The Science of Storytelling

Posted by  Rob Grundel —March 24, 2022
Filed in Business storytelling, Corporate Storytelling

Over the past 50 years, fascinating research has revealed the impact stories can have when human beings use them to communicate. We summarise our favourite studies.

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Replay 107 – You just might do it if you don’t know you can’t

Mindset has an incredible impact on performance. Listen to hear how George Dantzig solved two famously unsolvable mathematics problems.

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143 – Not exactly a man cave

You don’t know when your unique combination of skills will be needed. Listen to hear the story behind the miraculous rescue of thirteen boys from a Thai cave system.

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Replay 075 – Conflict is essential to collaboration

The barriers that women face hold all of us back. Listen to hear how Dr Alice Stewart overcame all sorts of obstacles to find a correlation between x-raying pregnant women and childhood cancer.

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