065 – It’s just like riding a bike 1200km

Posted by  Anecdote International —July 7, 2020
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Can you think of a time when the odds weren’t in your favour, but you still made it work? Listen to hear the inspirational story of Jyoti Kumari and her 1200km journey.

On this week’s episode of Anecdotally Speaking, Mark shares the story of 15-year old Jyoti Kumari, whose inspiring story has been shared in the media globally.

Shawn discusses how this story reminds him of Gary Klein’s three pathways to insight, and more specifically the notion of creative desperation, and how when you are in desperate need of a solution you are forced to be creative. To read more by Gary Klein, click here.

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In March this year, a 15-year-old schoolgirl named Jyoti Kumari was sent by her Mum to New Delhi to help return her injured Dad. Jyoti and her Mum lived in a village called Bihar, some 1200km from New Delhi, on the Nepal border.

Jyoti’s Dad worked as a rickshaw driver in New Delhi and sent money home. But, after he had his accident, he couldn’t walk.

When Jyoti reached New Delhi and found her Dad, the COVID-19 lockdown was put in place, which meant the all of the trains were shutdown. With limited money and food, they were both stranded in New Delhi. To add another complication, they would soon be evicted from the place they were living as they couldn’t pay the rent.

So, stuck in New Delhi with very little money or food, and about to be evicted, Jyoti struggled to work out what she should do. But she had promised her Mum that she would get her Dad home.

Jyoti decided to purchase a bicycle. She had never owned or ridden a bicycle before. But she decided she was going to ride back to Bihar, 1200km, with her Dad on the parcel tray on the back of the bike. And it was a dodgy, rickety, old bike.

She set off, relying on people that they meet along the way for food. It took her 10 days, but she rode the entire 1200km and got her Dad home safely.

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