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New European Storytelling for Leaders Partners

Posted by  Mark Schenk —July 8, 2014
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On 19 and 20 June I was in London to run the accreditation program for a few of our new Storytelling for Leaders (TM) Partners. We had a fun time together and its always a pleasure working with great people. Working with experienced and professional facilitators and storytellers meant I learned lots as well. Many thanks […]

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A business story – take responsibility

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —July 3, 2014
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Business stories don’t need to be fancy. They should be told just like you would tell it if you were catching up with a colleague informally. I would tell this one when chatting to senior leaders about how they can model the behaviour they want–in fact they must. Or it would be good as an […]

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One way to make your stories even more meaningful

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —July 1, 2014
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Sometimes it’s a good idea to finish a story so that the audience has to put some pieces together to get what the story is about. When someone puts some work in understanding a story they own it and it’s more meaningful for them. As an example, my 21-year-old daughter told me this story the […]

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How to keep your stories on track

Posted by  Amanda Marko —June 30, 2014
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By Amanda Marko, an Anecdote Partner based in the USA One way to think of a good business story is as a roadmap that points listeners toward an intended emotion or insight. But even with the best of intentions, a story can get off track or lose its way. When it comes to driving, the best advice […]

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Implementing your change ideas with stories

Posted by  Anjali Sharma —June 23, 2014
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Anjali Sharma is the Managing Director of Narrative: The Business of Stories and an Anecdote Partner for the Storytelling for Leaders Program in Singapore and Malaysia. Adam works as a corporate communications head in a hospital. He is just about to announce a new initiative to the entire hospital: the formation of a Pediatric Rapid […]

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3 keys to igniting retail sales by storytelling and story listening

Posted by  Christopher Kogler —June 18, 2014
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By Christopher Kogler, an Anecdote partner based in the USA. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a senior sales manager for a big box retail operation on the West Coast of the US and asked her to share a few of her secrets for success with me. Danielle shared the 3 principal keys she […]

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The Power of Failure Stories

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —June 13, 2014
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Your willingness to share a failure can have a powerful effect. I remember this one clearly. It was a real punch to the gut. I was standing in the foyer of the Melbourne Fire Brigade headquarters when I received the call. The voice on the other end of the line was a new client: ‘I’m […]

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The power of stories to endure

Posted by  Paul Joosten —June 7, 2014
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By Paul Joosten, an Anecdote Partner based in the Netherlands ‘In our company, I like to work with people who have the courage to make mistakes!’ So said the new Vice President of Oracle Northern Europe, Ad Nederlof, in his kick-off speech in June 1994. Was he serious? Did I hear him right? We worked at Oracle, […]

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10 Story-eliciting questions to be a wonderful conversationalist

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —June 2, 2014
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You know that networking is important. But if you are like me, you find networking events hard work. You’re not really sure what to say or how to get a good conversation going. Part of the problem is that we put too much pressure on ourselves to do all the talking in social situations. Well, […]

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Clarity stories are one of the things Government officials can do right

Posted by  Amanda Marko —June 2, 2014
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By Amanda Marko, an Anecdote Partner based in the USA On the main convention floor of Madison Square Garden in New York City, thousands of screaming party loyalists had temporarily replaced thousands of screaming Knicks fans for a week in late August 2004. Behind an unmarked door off the main floor, the volume was more […]

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