Whoever tells the best story wins

Posted by  Mark Schenk —April 16, 2014
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In 2001, Annette Simmons published her book The Story Factor. I read it cover to cover and as I write this my dog-eared, tagged and heavily annotated copy sits in front of me. The book has been widely acclaimed as one of the most influential business storytelling books written. Her other titles include Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins published in 2007. We have kept in contact with Annette over the years and greatly admire the practical focus of her work.

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When we heard that the Australian Storytelling Guild NSW was hosting Annette in Sydney on 5 June 2014, we jumped at the chance to be the Gold Sponsor for the event. It’s a great opportunity for business leaders to spend a day with one of the world’s leading story practitioners. The workshop, titled Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins is aimed at leaders at all levels of an organisation, influencers and thought leaders, change agents, entrepreneurs, and anyone involved in setting strategic direction for themselves or their organisations. Annette’s workshops get rave reviews.

The early bird offer for the workshop is open until 5pm on 30 April. It’s a great opportunity to learn from a world leader. Tickets and additional information is available here.

Shawn and I look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. Ricky Nowak says:

    Hi Shawn
    Hope all is well
    This session sounds great and I would be interested in more information about the event please
    Can you please let me know approx. numbers for the session, cost, and venue
    Love to come if possible
    Ricky Nowak

    1. Hi Ricky, All the information about the workshop in terms of ticket price and venue etc is found by clicking though on the link at the bottom of the post. It’s run by the Storytelling Guild of NSW and Anecdote is a sponsor. Hope to see you there.

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