Being just like your audience

Posted by  Kevin Bishop —February 12, 2013
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We have talked a lot in this blog about the power that comes from showing how you are like your audience for improving the effectiveness of your communication.

From telling stories that show you are like them (The ‘I’m like you‘ story), to using their words, phrases or idioms. There are a number of ways that you can connect to your audience by showing them that you are like them.

I saw an example recently where one of the world’s best known brands was using a similar concept here in Australia.

In a world first, McDonald’s Australia has changed its signage to ‘Macca’s’ at selected restaurants.

McDonald’s Australia, Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Lollback said McDonald’s was incredibly proud to embrace its ‘Australian-only’ nickname.

With one in two Australains giving us the nickname Macca’s…it was a perfect time to embrace the moniker and change our [name] across the country.” Lollback said.

Changing our signage to Macca’s is a world first for our business and we’re thrilled to be celebrating the nick name that only Australians have given us,” he added.

For me, this is an example of a brand trying to show they are ‘just like’ their audience; “so much so that we even changed our name to the name you call us!” Clever.


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