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Posted by  Daryl Cook —October 8, 2012
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Are you organising a conference, event or workshop and want to make it more interesting and engaging? Stuck for ideas or looking for a fresh approach?

Whether it’s a small executive team offsite, or a leadership conference like the one Kevin recently did for 250+ people, or even like the one Mark did earlier this year with more than 1500 people, Anecdote provides a refreshing new perspective with talks you remember and ideas you can use.

We just wanted to remind you that the Anecdote team are available for speaking engagements. Topics might include:

  • Translating your strategy into a story that everyone can understand and retell. Engaging your executives in working out your company’s strategic narrative and then helping employees connect with it to create strategic clarity.
  • Communicate with stories. How to be memorable, persuasive and interesting by telling business stories.
  • Making your values stick. A systematic approach to using stories to embed your company’s values in action. How to build engagement after you are presented with your employee engagement survey results.
  • Inspiring your leaders to bring out the humanity in your company. How to use stories to influence, engage and inspire your staff.
  • Building a collaborative workplace using stories. Different ways of cementing collaboration in your workplace, using real-life experiences as your guide.
  • The vital role of business storytelling. The why and how of business storytelling.
  • Influencing change through the natural power of stories. How to make change happen using stories to inspire action and engage employees.

If you would like know more, or book us for a speaking engagement, please get in touch.

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