Story triggering – reinforcing beliefs

I did a blog post in February about reconnecting with an old friend of mine, and how she is one of the most gifted storytellers I know. In that post I said I would be sharing some more of her stories, and here is one she shared with me recently.

A few years back, I attended a reception at Parliament. We wanted to share with selected MPs and officials the results of our research, which showed the considerable contribution our industry made to the country’s economy. One of the issues that both sides of the House had had with our industry in the past is that the industry wasn’t united, and there was ongoing disharmony. After a round of drinks, the CEO began our presentation. He hadn’t got more than a few slides in when the Chairman stood up from the floor, and took over the presentation, leaving the CEO still standing at the podium looking like a deer in the headlights.

Can you imagine how the story of disharmony that the audience were already telling themselves would have just been confirmed as true? How the belief of not being joined up was reinforced by these actions?
This is a classic case of story triggering. By simply taking over from the CEO the Chairman triggered a story amongst the audience, a story that just reinforced their existing beliefs.
There was nothing that could have been said by the Chairmen, or the CEO for that matter, that changed this belief. As the saying goes; “You can’t talk your way out of something you have acted your way into“.

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